INTERTEA (Pvt) Ltd is one of the largest tea producers in Sri Lanka. The main mission of the enterprise is to gain the satisfaction of customers and consumers as a producer of high-quality tea in the world market. Our factory is equipped with the most modern production equipment and has been awarded ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) certificates in accordance with the international quality management system. INTERTEA has been working dynamically with centers such as Colombo Tea Association, Tea Exporters Association, Export Development Council and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce over the years to provide its customers with selected teas of the highest quality and has risen to the rank of top 10 tea exporters in Sri Lanka.

Berqa brand was an international trademark developed and presented by INTERTEA (Pvt) Ltd for tea lovers around the world. Its main purpose is to help you feel good about yourselves with great tea taste. Berqa teas made from the highest quality raw materials collected in Sri Lanka have quickly become the main choice of all tea lovers. This success has motivated us to produce new and more delicious teas for tea lovers. As Berqa brand, we always try to fulfill our main mission, so we manage to stay in high positions in the tea market. Since the quality of our teas and consumer satisfaction are important to us, we try to produce teas suitable for the taste of every tea lover. For this reason, our AR&GE team is constantly conducting research at the highest speed in order to produce new and better quality teas. We always follow the trends in the tea market and present Berqa teas according to the trends.

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The history of the tea

The history of the tea

The tea drink, which has undergone various changes in its historical evolution, has evolved from its use in a quick-dissolving form in ancient China to the forms of decaffeinated, cold tea, and even organic tea (the plant grown in ecologically clean areas is processed as it was in primitive times) in our time. A more interesting figure in the history of tea is the widespread production of packaged (disposable) tea in the United States in 1908.

China is considered the homeland of the tea. It was the Chinese who gave great attention to the tonic effect of the decoction made from the leaves for the human body and started the cultivation of this plant. The first mention of the tea can be found in Chinese manuscripts about 5000 years ago. According to the legend, Shen Yung, one of the first emperors of China, saw a tea leaf accidentally falling into hot water, the emperor who drank it liked the taste very much, and thus today's "tea" was discovered.

The Story of Early Grey-Bergamot Tea

The Story of Early Grey-Bergamot Tea

Earl Gray tea is made from a mixture of tea with oil extracted from the rind of bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit, and is one of the most popular flavored teas in the world. It is known that this tea is associated with the name of Charles Earl Grey, who was the Prime Minister of England in 1830-1834. According to legend, a Chinese statesman sent a sample of this tea to the British Prime Minister as a gift because British sailors rescued his son from a shipwreck. According to another legend, in 1838, a British ship carrying tea and bergamot oil encountered a storm. As a result of the accident, that bergamot oil was mixed with the teas, and the owner of the tea, in order not to be harmed, sold the teas in this condition, and this mixture was very popular with the British. This new tea discovered in this way is known by the name of Charles Earl Grey, who owns tea production areas in India. Bergamot is known in the scientific world as orange bergamia, and according to experts, this plant was obtained from a mixture of bitter orange and lemon.


5 technological processes are used to process black tea from green tea leaves collected from the plantation:

How to make tea?:

The color of the brew of tea with the correct technological process is reddish brown. The leaves of the tea have the ability to give color when the black velvet tea is brewed based on its physiological and biological composition. Small tea leaves brew faster and give color.