Online Women's Festival was held with the support of "Berqa" brand

For the first time in Azerbaijan, the Online Women's Festival was held with the official partnership of the "Berqa" brand. The festival, which enables the education of women in various fields, was carried out on the qadinfest.az platform. Multifaceted topics of interest to the ladies gathered around a cup of "Berqa" tea, which changes moods, were discussed, and a real pleasant mood zone was created for them. Career, education, health, beauty, psychology, behavior with children, etc. were discussed on the online platform for three days. Live speeches of well-known professionals on topics such as Derya Cantutan Ata, director of the Tea Category of "Azersun Holding", spoke and emphasized the importance of holding the festival, saying that such events have a special place in women's lives. "Berqa" brand participated in the festival and created a pleasant atmosphere. The goal was to make contact with women, to explain more closely the essence of a cup of tea. During the festival, "Berqa" communicated with women and managed to create a good mood in them. Nübar Abil, the host of Ictimai Television, assumed the role of moderator in establishing communication. At the festival, it was reported that 100% natural and new fruit varieties of "Berqa" tea have natural fruit slices. Among the various questions from women, the most notable was the policy of "Azersun Holding" regarding women. It was reported that more than 4,500 women work in the Group of Companies. Since its inception, the number of women managers has been increasing year by year. In addition, pregnant women and women with children under the age of 3 are not meant to the probationary period, and the permit fee is higher than that of normal workers. This, as "Azersun Holding", aims to show attention to female employees and support them to remain in their work activities.